Marcy Squat Rider Machine for Glutes and Quads Workout XJ-6334, Silver & Black

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The Marcy Squat Rider Machine XJ-6334 is a light and compact squat machine that does not require weights. The Squat Rider Machine uses three resistance bands under the seat to provide resistance during your squats. To add resistance, simply hook the bands under the seat and to drop resistance, unhook the bands as necessary. As opposed to free form squats with or without weights, the handle on the Squat Rider Machine XJ-6334 ensures proper form while squatting. In addition, using the handle provides a slight workout for your arms while squatting. The included computer tracks count, time, and calories to help you measure progress. The seat and handle can be adjusted to fit your needs. For added convenience, the Squat Rider folds when not in use so you can easily store the unit.
Adjustable seat and handle – Easily adjust the seat and handles using the adjustable knob
Computer – track your progress using the included computer, which displays time, scan, count, and calories – you can’t see progress if you don’t track it.
The Squat Rider is foldable to conveniently store the unit when not in use
Maximum Weight User Weight – 250 Pounds
As always, please consult your personal physician before beginning any diet or exercise program