AB Doer 360 with PRO Kit: AB Doer 360 Fitness System Provides an Abdonimal and Muscle Activating Workout with Aerobics to Burn Calories and Work Muscles Simultaneously!


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AB Doer 360 fitness work out chairAB Doer 360 fitness work out chair

Ad Doer 360 work chair 2Ad Doer 360 work chair 2

Ab Doer 360 Fitness Chair 3Ab Doer 360 Fitness Chair 3

Ab Doer 360 Portable Fitness System 4Ab Doer 360 Portable Fitness System 4

6pk Massage Roller6pk Massage Roller

3pk Rods 13pk Rods 1

Res BandsRes Bands

3pk dvd 13pk dvd 1

AB DOER 360 6pk Massage Roller

Designed for back and spine stretching and mobilizing routines to help relieve back pain.It massages and provides comfort to your back and spine as you exercise.

AB DOER 360 3pk Resistance Rods

Intensify your workout by adding variable resistance3 different levels to target 3 different ab workoutsProvides, low, medium and advanced workout

AB DOER 360 Resistance Bands

Upgrade your AB DOER 360 standard unit to a whole home gym with the 2k Resistance bands kitIncludes 2 different levels of resistance bands, 2 ankle cuffs and 2 hand grips

AB DOER 360 3pk DVD

Boost your workout with this 3pk DVD set specifically designed for the AB DOER 360Cardio Pro to get your heart pumping, Chair Pilates/Yoga for improving balance and focusing energy, and 5 Minute Fitness Breaks for quick workouts.

Portable Home Gym

Resistance for Legs,Back and Arms

2 in 1 Dynamic Rotating Seat

Dynamic Fluidity Seat

Exercise Safely – Using the dynamic fluidity seat helps to engage your core, while the contouring arms Support proper body alignment by reducing harmful compression on your neck, back & spine and Core Support Column Ergonomically-advanced design activates your core, back & spinal muscles in every direction to promote a stronger back & healthy posture!
A Portable Gym – The AB Doer 360 features a small footprint and collapses for easy storage. Perfect for use anywhere in your home and when you are finished exercising, simply collapse the unit and store in your closet or under the bed.
Total Body Transformation – AB Doer 360 your in home fitness gym ideal for women and men and can support up to 300 lbs; The AB Doer 360 targets your core, activates your muscles and massages while you exercise, all in the comfort of your own home; The AB Doer 360 Fitness System combined with the healthy eating plan, will help you lose weight.
WHAT’S INCLUDED? The AB Doer 360 Pro Kit includes 1 AB Doer 360 Machine, 1 x 6 roller massager, 3pk Resistance Rod Set, 3pk Resistance band set, 1 Instructional DVD with 3 full length workouts, 1 Motivational Calendar, 1 Instruction Manual with Healthy Eating Guide, and 1 Hardware Kit – Everything you need to Assemble and Use your AB DOER 360… Hard Work & Determination NOT Included