Ab Workout Equipment, Ultra Ab Roller Wheel Kit, Large Ab Roller with Resistance Bands, Push Up Bar, Jump Rope, Grip Strength Trainer, Pulling Rope, Ab Mat, Perfect for Home & Gym Fitness Equipment

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Ab Workout Equipment

Push Up Bar

Thickened Abdominal wheel bands, Strong Stability: Imitates the automobile tire, using the parallel thick roller, so that when rolling, it will not shake left or right, the stability is better. The ab roller wheel surface is made of elastic tpr material, with meticulous grain treatment, abrasion resistance, skid resistance, shock absorption, and does not hurt the floor.
Push-up Bars, Abs Workout Equipment: Push up bars have the appropriate angle design according to the ergonomic, avoiding injury to the wrist during training. Polypropylene ethylene is durable and lightweight. Nbr sponge handle and cover, anti-skid, anti-sweat, anti-noise, prevent scratching the floor. (we provide 4 spare sponge sleeves for replacement.)
Portable and easy to use: The abdominal wheel and push up bars can be easily installed & disassembled, which are convenient to carry out by put it into the suitcase. Ultra-quiet, exercise at home at night will not affect others. Rope skipping is equipped with detachable weight block, with adjustable length and weight, suitable for adults and children; the grip weight is adjustable from 11lbs to 132lbs.
Full body workout: Abdominal wheel and push-up bars exercise the muscles of the abdomen, lower back, chest, and arms; add jump rope cardio to build muscle and burn fat to improve agility. The resistance grip can exercise the finger strength at any time, and resistance band can help to realize the stretching movement of each part of the body, relieve the muscle fatigue, and make the muscle line more perfect.