Dr. Tea Slender You Tea with Senna – Pomegranate Flavor – 20 Tea Bags


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Dr. Tea – One Stop for Detox Organic Herbal Tea with a wide range of flavors – 1Pack/20 Tea Bags.
Dr. Tea, a name of trust and epitome of all natural products. Nine teas that have defining flavor, aroma and color and enriched with organic and natural ingredients will make you fall in love with them. With a variety of flavor and especially health benefits, these teas are perfect to address underlying health issues of all age factors i.e. kids, Adults and of both genders i.e Men and Women.
Every Dr. Tea’s Tea is expertly blended using organic herbs and natural/pure substances that simply boosts your immune system and keep you healthy and confident.
Adding our tea in your daily routine is an important step toward greater balance: to turn toward the things that are good for us and let go of the things that weigh us down.
Why Dr. Tea?
We have always prioritize quality over quantity. All of our teas are perfect for both genders and for all age factors. These teas are direct from origin, exclusives, a broad variety, and our own unique blends. The last but not the least, no Gluten, sugar, artificial flavors or preservatives have been used in these teas.
Feeling tired and stressed after having a hectic day at office, fed up from the load of anxiety in your brain, wants to boost your immune system because you feel cold and catch cough and flue, having insomnia or bad sleep, wants to lose weight, If you are a victim of any of these problems and wants to move towards a healthy life and there is only one solution i.e. Dr. Tea’s wellness herbal Teas.
Collection of variety of teas at Dr. Tea:
Ashgawandha Tea with Peach – Starting from our asghawanda tea that comes in peach flavor is best to support your energy and immune response.
Chamomile Tea with Honey – Get your body, a little rest, and your muscle a little relaxation with our Chamomile tea in honey flavor.
Cold Protect with Ashgawanda and Mango – Often catches cold? And wants to get rid of it? Go and have our cold protect tea in mango flavor and alleviate the cold from your life.
Detox with Cinnamon and orange – Detox your body from toxic material with a unique taste of Cinnamon and orange and get a wellness in your body.
Good night with Chamomile and Lemon – Having bad time in getting a good sleep? No worries! Just have a cup of our Good night tea in an enticing combination of Chamomile and lemon and just hit your pillow and enjoy sweet dreams.
Moringa Tea with Ginger Flavor – Enhance your general wellbeing by adding our Moringa tea in your daily routine. Its ginger flavor gives amazing taste and improves your daily lifestyle.
Slender You with Sienna and Pomegranate flavor – Going through obesity crisis? Wants to lose your weight? Don’t worry you are at the right spot. Lose your weight with our SLENDER YOU tea that comes in delicious pomegranate flavor.
Soursop Tea with Lemon – Our Soursop tea supports antioxidant activity and keeps your body healthy with its natural ingredients and lemon flavor.
Turmeric Tea with Cinnamon – If you want to improve your overall health and keep your body shine and glowing then grab this turmeric tea that comes in amazing Cinnamon flavor.
Direction of use:
Each tea packet contains 20 tea bags. It’s extremely easy to make a cup of Dr. Tea, Add a tea bag to cup of 200ml of water and pour your tea bag in it, stir a little and enjoy every sip of your mesmerizing and delicious tea flavor.
PLEASANT AND EFFECTIVE – To provide you an enticing taste we have introduced this tea in pomegranate flavor. The pure ingredients of our Tea stimulate the body’s ability to process excess fats, stimulate blood circulation, and provides essential antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. You will witness the removal of your belly fat instantly.
NATURAL AND TASTY – We have prepared this tea without any preservatives, artificial flavor or gluten. The natural and pure ingredients is helpful to reduce the burden on the kidneys and reduce the swelling of the body. So remove the medicines from your diet, add this amazing weight loss tea to your routine diet, and witness the amazing results.
1 Pack – 20 Tea Bags