Get a Full-Body Workout at Home with The Pedal Puller Sit Up Exercise Equipment – Single Spring, Pedal Resistance Band with Handle for Arm, Abdominal, and Leg Exercise – Perfect for Your Home Gym

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Product Description


This is a convenient portable exercise tool, mainly used for sit-ups to assist exercise, to help you better complete the relevant exercises. With the help of this device, you can effectively exercise the legs, arms, abdomen, waist and so on, reduce the accumulation of fat in these parts, keep practicing the muscle lines become beautiful, and strengthen the muscles to become stronger and stronger. In addition, the product can be used to practice yoga moves.

Product information


Handle:The plastic handle is wrapped around the outside of the steel tube, which fits the skin of the palm to the touch, which can effectively relieve the rebound pressure of the steel pipe and avoid palm injury during exercise.

Spring:This product uses stainless steel wire spring to provide pull-up spring, the spring is more durable and the movement effect is better. The spring pull-up length can reach 1 meter.

Datails:The pedal handle is also made of plastic design, which fits the foot muscle structure, and the foot handle can rotate 360 degrees, suitable for different exercise methods and different parts of the body.

Examples of Training movements


Abdominal exercise: Sit on a yoga mat, step on a fixed footstool with your legs straight, and do sit-ups by holding the handle, so as to consume excess fat heat in the abdomen and increase muscle formation.

Leg exercise: Lying on the yoga mat, holding the handle and stepping on the footstool. Bend your legs first, then push forward.

Arms and waist: Exercise sitting on a yoga mat, bending your legs and laying them flat on a fixed pedal. Hold the handle and pull up the spring by hand.


2. Tough and Durable: Made with the highest-quality materials, this sit up exercise equipment is designed to last. It’s perfect for building a home gym and staying in shape at home.
3. Easy to Use: With its compact size and easy-to-use design, you can now kickstart your yoga or sit up exercise routine in minutes. The pedal puller will help you achieve your fitness goals and get the toned body you always wanted.
4. Maximum Comfort: Our pedal resistance bands with handle come with a cushioned seat and footrests, providing maximum comfort during your sessions. This means you can focus solely on your workout without worrying about aching muscles or sore joints.
5. Versatile: Whether you’re looking to build endurance or strength, this arm chest leg abdominal exercise equipment is perfect for any fitness level. Use it for cardio, strength training, or to warm up before a workout. It’s the perfect all-in-one tool!