Hydrow Wave Rowing Machine with 16″ HD Touchscreen & Speakers – Foldable | Live Home Workouts, Subscription Required

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hydrow wave rower rowing machine at-home workout fitness full-body exercisehydrow wave rower rowing machine at-home workout fitness full-body exercise

Hydrow Wave Rowing MachineHydrow Wave Rowing Machine

hydrow workout rowing machine rower fitness at home workout yoga rowing strengthhydrow workout rowing machine rower fitness at home workout yoga rowing strength

Is a subscription required to use the Hydrow?

A subscription is not required, however, having a subscription is an integral part of the Hydrow experience. Without a subscription the rower will operate in Just Row mode and have limited functionality.

What is included in a Hydrow membership?

Membership enables access to the majority of Hydrow’s functions including: multiple user profiles, daily live workouts, on-demand rowing workouts, On The Mat fitness content, a community of fellow rowers, and much more.

How many people can use one Hydrow?

Each machine can have as many profiles as you would like. Only one paid membership per Hydrow is required. Stats and progress for each profile are saved independently.

What devices are compatible with the Hydrow?

Hydrow is 5.0 Bluetooth-enabled and is compatible with most Bluetooth headphones, hearing-aids, and speakers.

Can I assemble the Hydrow myself?

Yes. In-home assembly is also available for purchase.

IMMERSIVE WORKOUTS: The Hydrow Wave rowing machine features a 16″ HD touchscreen display and front-facing speakers that instantly takes you to Scandianvian fjords, the wilds of Alaska, and beyond. Your membership unlocks access to over 4,000 live and on-demand workouts with world-class Athletes, around the globe.
MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS: Your $44/ month membership gives you full access to the entire Hydrow library for full-body workouts on your Hydrow Wave at-home rower and the Hydrow app. From rowing to strength training, mobility, yoga, pilates, and circuit-training. With unlimited profiles, saving individual access to stats and progress is easy.
EASILY STORED: This foldable rowing machine can be stored upright using our Vertical Anchor (sold separately) and is the perfect at home workout equpiment. Dimensions: 80″L x 19″W x 43″H; Weight: 102lbs; Weight Limit; up to 375 pounds.
EASY ASSEMBLY: This foldable rowing machine is easy to assemble, although expert in-home assembly is also available for purchase (for an additional charge). Please note that this rower is heavy, and should be lifted or carried by more than one person.
COMPATIBILITY: The Hydrow Wave Rowing Machine is 5.0 Bluetooth-enabled, and is compatible with most Bluetooth headphones, hearing aids, speakers, and many ANT+ and Bluetooth heart rate monitors.