IMMORTAL FITNESS Portable Home Workout Resistance Set – Physical Therapy at Home – Resistance Bands, Jump Rope, Ab Wheel, Push-up Bars, and More! Great for Training at Home or on The Go

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Product Description

Immortal FitnessImmortal Fitness

Workout Kit ContentsWorkout Kit Contents

Full Body ExercisedFull Body Exercised

Us vs ThemUs vs Them

Resistance Bands

Loop Resistance BandsLoop Resistance Bands

Figure 8 Resistance BandFigure 8 Resistance Band

Woven Resistance BandsWoven Resistance Bands

Pull Up Resistance BandPull Up Resistance Band

Loop Resistance Band

Great for strengthening your hips and building a bootyVery useful for lower body injury rehabilitationFive levels of resistance for a broad range of exercises

Figure 8 Resistance Band

Great for lower resistance stretchesLoop one end around a sturdy surface so that you can pull the band toward you without injury for a dynamic stretching routine

Woven Resistance Bands

Can be used by placing one loop around your foot, and the other in your handCan also be used by placing one loop around your foot and the other loop around the handle of the Ab Wheel, for an assisting Ab Wheel extension

Pull Up Resistance Band

Wrap one end around your pull up bar and the other around your foot or shin for an assisted pull upStrong enough resistance for plenty of other exercises–squats, bicep curls, shoulder press

FULLY COMPREHENSIVE SET – We found that most of the at home gym sets on the market were missing some very useful pieces of equipment. We curated this set so it’s the only one you will need to hit every muscle category.
PHYSICAL THERAPY AT HOME – Perform dozens of exercises to recover from, or better yet prevent, knee pain, back pain, shoulder pain/weakness, etc. with our comprehensive kit. Follow the exercises in the included manual and on our social media.
SUPERIOR QUALITY EQUIPMENT – Every piece of equipment was designed and tested in the United States. We only include products we personally use and have helped our lives for the better.
EXERCISE ON THE ROAD – Our portable home gym and drawstring bag allows you to stay fit and healthy even when traveling or away from home, so you can stick to your fitness routine.
REGAIN AND ENHANCE FLEXIBILITY – Improve your range of motion and prevent injuries with our assisted stretching resistance bands that help you increase your flexibility and mobility.