Tabbic ABS Stimulator, USB Rechargeable Portable Fitness Workout Equipment Without Gel Pads for Men Woman, Arm, Leg, Home Office, The Latest Model 12 Modes, 20 Levels of Intensity


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Warm Tips:

· The length of the belt is 43 inches. When the user’s waist exceeds 40 inches, it is not recommended to buy, the belt needs to leave extra size to buckle it.

· Please spray some water on the electrode pad or keep the skin dry before use. If there is no water on the contact surface, there will be a tingling feeling when using it.

· Make sure that the electrode pads are in full contact with the skin at the same time, otherwise the machine will not work properly.

· When the product is just received, it is recommended to charge the host. The product is not fully charged when it leaves the factory.


No need to replace the gel pad

· Frequent replacement of gel pads wastes your time and money

· Tabbic’s new technology removes the reliance on the gel pad for the Ab belt. The electrode pad is integrated with the Ab belt, making it more convenient to use.






At home

At work

Leisure time

12 different modes, each with 20 levels

· Suitable for people of different physiques, according to different needs, adjust the mode and intensity to achieve the most comfortable and effective results

· Combining a reasonable diet and exercise, you can get a strong or attractive body in just 8 weeks without high-intensity fitness and exercise

Powerful & Efficient: ABS Belt is designed for abdominal, arm, leg, hip, waist muscle training,with 20-minutes is equivalent to 120 minutes of muscle training in the gym. The ABS stimulator has 12 modes and 20 intensity levels, you can use this for high-intensity muscle training, or relax comfortably.
Convenient and Compact: It’s ultra light, ultra-thin, wearable, the ABS Stimulator can be worn under clothes, it’s perfect for reading, watching movies, doing housework, and even training muscles in business or leisure. This ABS stimulator can be used anytime & anywhere, because it’s small enough to be put easily into a bag or briefcase. Maximum applicable waist 43 inches
No Consumables: No need to replace the gel pads.No consumables required. ABS uses high quality material electrode pads that you never need replacement.It can be used directly.
Easy to Use: Attach the massage patch to the body part that need massage, press the “M”button to select mode,then press“+”or “-”to change intensity,Mode can also be changed during working. KSOXUE