URBNFit Pilates Ring – 12″ Magic Circle w/Dual Grip, Foam Pads for Inner Thigh Workout, Toning, Fitness & Pelvic Floor Exercise – Yoga Rings w/Bonus Exercise Guide

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URBNFit Workout Gym Equipment Balance DiscURBNFit Workout Gym Equipment Balance Disc

URbNfit Workout Gym Equipment Ring PilatesURbNfit Workout Gym Equipment Ring Pilates

URBNFit Pilates Ring WorkoutURBNFit Pilates Ring Workout

No matter your life stage, this pilates ring is designed to meet you where you are. Low-impact exercises with the pilates ring can help serve as pregnancy, elderly, post-surgery, or physical therapy care.

Target Every Muscle

URBNFit Workout Pilates RingURBNFit Workout Pilates Ring

URBNFit Workout Pilates RingURBNFit Workout Pilates Ring

URBNFit Workout Pilates RingURBNFit Workout Pilates Ring

Tone Your Core

Keep the 9-5 pm computer slouch at bay! Strengthen your shoulders, abdominals, and biceps in a few swift movements.

Enhance Strength and Flexibility

Wind down from a hard day’s work by stretching and toning your upper back, triceps, and forearms.

Build Strength Daily

Help improve the agility of your calves, thighs, and hips in a quick 30-minute window before hopping in the car to commute.

URBNFit Workout Guide PilatesURBNFit Workout Guide Pilates



URBNFit Workout EquipmentURBNFit Workout Equipment

Made from robust fiberglass with a rubber sleeve, our Pilates ring circle won’t crack, re-forming every time.
Replicate Pilates studio props with our portable inner thigh exercise equipment for women – home gym perfection!
Our magic circle Pilates ring is crafted with sweat resistant, dual-sided foam pads, for a cushioned workout.
Available in 3 colors, our fitness ring is great for both beginners and experienced Pilates pros.