WONDER CORE Flex Cycle: 4-in-1 Stationary Exercise Bike, Folding Upright Recumbent Exercise Bike, Magnetic Resistance Indoor Cycling Bike, Workout Bike for Home, 260 Lbs Weight Capacity

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If only we could make working out as easy as going about our daily lives

To stay consistent in workout routine has always been a challenge. It requires great commitment, will power, mental strength. In 2012, we launched our very first product that later became the #1 selling home fitness sensation; Wonder Core Smart. At Wonder Core, our goal will forever be making sure our customer push boundaries to live a comfortable, healthier life.

FC-41 BSFC-41 BS





Total Body Transformation: With Flex Cycle, you can achieve an extraordinary lower body workout, incredible cardio training, and a complete total body workout, all from the comfort of your home. This is not just another exercise bike; it’s a versatile fitness solution.
Rapid and Remarkable Results: Experience incredible results in a short span of time with the Flex Cycle program. Users have reported losing an average of 18 inches overall and over 15.5 pounds in just 8 weeks. The endless combinations offered by this recumbent bike ensure that you’ll never plateau in your fitness journey.
Advanced Technology: The secret of the Flex Cycle’s effectiveness lies in its 8 levels of fluid motion magnetic resistance and highly advanced alloy flywheel. This combination delivers an exceptionally smooth workout experience, making every moment count.
Customizable Workouts: Flex Cycle is not just four bikes in one; it offers 8 adjustable speeds for each position, providing a total of 32 potential workout combinations. With eight resistance levels ranging from 13 to 34 pounds, you can tailor your workouts to your fitness level and progressively challenge yourself.
Calorie-Burning Power: A university study comparing Flex Cycle to an ordinary spin bike demonstrated that Flex Cycle allows you to activate more muscles and burn up to 400 calories an hour. It’s a surefire way to tone and sculpt your ABS, legs, and hips.
Designed for Everyone: Flex Cycle’s six-level adjustable seating makes it suitable for people ranging from 4’11” to 6’4″ and can support up to 260 pounds. The oversized saddle and backrest cushion ensure not only incredible comfort but also the correct posture, reducing lower back strain.