XPO Trainer Push Sled | BEST Indoor-Outdoor Workout Sled for Speed Agility Training, Resistance and Strength Training, CrossFit, Football, Conditioning, Rehab | Power Sled for Elite Athletes


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Sturdy & Versatile

Robust and flexible in design and performance, the XPO Trainer delivers transformative workouts with just 200 meters of pushing.

Rugged steel design 3 large knobby tires Powder-coated finish Chain-driven motor Home, gym, school No noisy skid plates Removable handles Compact & portable

Push the Workout Envelope

Unlock your full fitness potential with this groundbreaking twist on the traditional weight sled. As the first workout sled that pushes back, no matter how hard and fast you go, the XPO Trainer produces significant results in less time. Because it automatically adjusts to the effort of each individual, it eliminates the need to change weight plates and accommodates virtually all skill levels.

Easy, effective full-body resistance workout The harder you push, the more resistant it is Achieve explosive results in a shorter time Rigorous sled workouts indoors & outdoors Ultra-quiet & suitable for almost any surface Designed for all levels of rehab & training No need to change weights for other users Handles remove for portability & storage

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Work Out Anywhere

With abrasive skidding plates replaced by large non-marring tires, the XPO Trainer can be used in virtually any environment. It rolls through grass and sand or over asphalt outdoors. It also can be used indoors on wood gym or concrete garage floors, or in the hallway of your home over laminate and tile flooring.

Build Muscles Quietly

Unlike conventional weight sleds that make ear-splitting noise, our revolutionary training sled rolls over surfaces almost silently. Work out in the mornings without waking the rest of the family. Because it automatically adjusts its resistance according to your effort, you can eliminate noisy plate adjustments.

Superior Portability

The powerful XPO Trainer delivers demanding workouts wherever you need them. With its removable handles, it can be loaded into a team bus or the back of your truck for team training sessions on-the-road. When not in use, the removable handles also allow you to store XPO Trainer in a garage or equipment cage.

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Simple & Versatile

Everyone on the team, regardless of skill level or fitness condition, can reap the benefits of the XPO Trainer. Its groundbreaking resistance motor eliminates the need to change plates between different users. This scalability makes it useful for track and field training and by seniors for rehabilitative training.

Tough & Responsive

The XPO Trainer gets its name honestly, becoming exponentially harder to push as you pick up speed. This results in a personalized workout for each athlete. Its powder coating maximizes grip so you can leverage your walking, running and pushing movements to efficiently achieve the ultimate workout each time.

Flexible & Durable

Ideal for use by coaches, trainers, gym owners and Olympic athletes alike, the XPO Trainer empowers everyone to break through their plateaus and achieve their full fitness potential. Hard-wearing industrial-grade steel and knobby pneumatic tires, our state-of-the-art workout sled dares you to push it to its limits.

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football sledfootball sled

STRENGTH TRAINING PERFECTED. No other fitness equipment on Earth guarantees such noticeable results in so little time. Because our push sled is the FIRST workout sled that resists the harder and faster you go.
BOOSTS SPEED AND EXPLOSIVE POWER in all fitness training drills from rehab to crossfit and football. Use as track and field speed training equipment and in all agility training routines for a winning edge.
NO SKIDDING PLATES, no surface damage and near silent. The perfect sport sled for a full body sled workout both indoors and outdoors. Removable handles for easy storage and no weight plate set needed.
THE ULTIMATE WORKOUT GUARANTEED or we’ll refund you within 30 days. If our training sled doesn’t elevate your game we’ll make it right. Click ADD TO CART and push past your limits.