YISSVIC Agility Ladder and Cones 20 Feet 12 Adjustable Rungs Fitness Speed Training Equipment,1 Carry Bags, 10 Cones, 4 Stakes, Basketball, Soccer


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YISSVIC Agility ladderYISSVIC Agility ladder


YISSVIC is a well-known retail Brand, Amazon is our only Online sales channel in European and American.


YISSVIC is a well-known retail Brand, Amazon is our only Online sales channel in European and American.YISSVIC offers quality practical sport products, in order to offer you a premium workout training experience.While you can enjoy special life experience created by technology.we are committed to creating solid products backed by friendly, responsive service to delight our loyal customers around the world.

Workout training equipment

Workout training equipment

Pull Up Training Equipment

Workout Training LadderWorkout Training Ladder

Workout Training Ladder

Improve body balance

Speed Training LadderSpeed Training Ladder

Speed Training Ladder

Step training for Beginners Athletes

Speed ParachuteSpeed Parachute

Speed Parachute

Improve body strength

Drill Cones TrainingDrill Cones Training

Drill Cones Training

For Workout drills

Kids Agility LadderKids Agility Ladder

Kids Agility Ladder

Improve body coordination

Is the rung of this agility ladder adjustable?

Yes, The gap between two rungs is 20 inch,it is adjusted by us.

But if you want to change the distance, you can change it as you like.

This workout ladder will not knotted when you use it in the next time.

What is the length of agility ladder?

It is 20 feet.

What is the width of these agility ladder?

It is 15.7 inch.

Exercise Equipments10 Cones and 4 Metal Pegs: This agility ladder comes with 12 solid rungs,10 premium sports cones and bouns 1 carry bags and 4 metal peg for different drills and techniques.
Easy Adjustable 12 Ladder Rungs Not Tangled : This speed and agility ladder is designed with high-quality plastic and straps.The 12 rungs are 100% adjustable to allow for different drills and exercises.Meanwhile,the exercise ladder have been assembled prior and gets tangled not easily.
Portable and Durable Workout Training Sets : This workout ladder was enough weight with solid plastic to avoid slide. All you have to do to use this training ladder is simply unravel the straps and adjust the rungs for your needs or just keep as it is.
24 Months Product Support From YISSVIC : Every single one of YISSVIC products are covered by our support which means that you can contact us in case you are not entirely pleased with your order and we will provide you a best solution.